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Benefits of children and dogs growing up together.

A dog is a man's best friend and we can't deny that  but today a pet dog is just not a friend but considered a family member in many families  . A pet dog for a child is a friend and a cute companion . Showing care, love . Research says a pet dog helps a child to learn to be more socially and emotionally active with society and environment around . A dog can comfort a child's loneliness, bringing  a smile when upset or depressed . Life is not easy, with overload of studies,  competitive exams and offcourse the addictive nature off being on gadgets and social network sites. A pet dog can make you jump , run , move out of your stressful and monotonous life. This pet will surely make you jump out of your feet with it's wagging tail, long tongue jutting out , never ending Wooh! Wooh! barks asking you to come and play .. 

This canine definitely makes your child responsible , disciplined and understanding towards this animal and other animals too. With junk food craving obesity is one of the reasons why children are prone to falling sick and being unhealthy . A morning and evening walks along with your pet makes a healthy living. 

A pet dog is needed in every family for strengthening the sense of bond, care among children .