Endi Grilled Fish Dental Bone

Rs. 220.00


Sustains a healthy bowel movement and balances the internal flora.


Supports muscle and tissue development.


EPA and DHA present in the formula sharpens the cognitive skills and supports the cardiovascular system of your dog.


Milk & Bone Meal calcium promote strong bones and teeth.


Promotes healthy teeth and gums by removing plaque and tartar.


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Procured from a blend of flavoursome yet nutritious ingredients, these Fish flavoured Endi Treats are the perfect rewards for all dogs.

These treats have been prepared from an amalgam of Oatmeal, Fish, Bone Meal, Milk and other essential ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements of your dog.  Fish meat is rich in high quality digestible Proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Proteins build and repair tissues and muscles. EPA and DHA present in Omega 3 fatty acids have been clinically proven to improve cognitive skills, support bones and joints, reduce dermatitis and other skin allergies, and make sure the cardiovascular system runs at an optimal level.  Oatmeal is an excellent source fibre that works along with the high moisture content in this food product to facilitate a proper digestion, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and keep the weight in check. Bone Meal, incorporated into the recipe, extends a range of benefits. It contains chief minerals required by dogs that boost the functioning of muscles and nerves and aid with the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream. Furthermore, Bone Meal and Milk contain calcium that is imperative for formation and growth of bones and teeth.

Additionally, these treats have been specifically designed to last longer, conform to your dog’s chewing habits, and extend oral care.

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